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Haha on the sludge! Good! When you are ready to try, the Natren line has bifido which may help with paristalsis/BMs but start very micro dose on it such as 1/4 cap or less. Usually my doc uses megadophilus from Natren first in micro doses and then bifido. The last time I tried mega it really slowed down my BMs. (this was after months of candida cleanse) Not sure why but megadophilus is supposed to be good for IC, at least some of the time. I think it improves the PH of the small intestine and may help crowd out the baddies. Yes, I do pee a lot in the morning from coffee but usually the rest of the day is manageable and I sleep through the night. Except since drastically altering my diet I have generally felt very poorly in my bladder. My doc actually gave me oil of oregano (which is interesting as it is used as an herbal for SIBO) but she uses it to calm the pain so maybe it is killing some of the bacteria that are trying to hang on. Not sure? If it does not help with the bladder pain she will take me off of it. She corresponds by email DAILY so it really, really helps.

Hmmm as for the cashews, all nuts are out for me right now, BUT, I thought one of the key things about Norm’s diet is that we could have a few FODMAPS if we stay under 40 FP for the day??? I really don’t want to have a super restricted diet. I mean, for 6 months or a year maybe? But a lifetime without nuts and dairy would really suck.