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Jaeme THANKS so much!

Jaeme and Pam,

Things are going generally pretty well, although since cutting rice, fruit, nuts (ugh) I have had some bladder pain. My holistic doctor thinks that the bacteria are dying, or whatever bacterial “shift” is going on is having to detox through my sensitive bladder. She is giving me some herbs that are helping.

Pam, did have any increased bladder symptoms at the beginning of the diet?

Also, Pam or Jaeme, I still have a little dairy (cream in my coffee, a small serving of yogurt and a slice of cheese-I really dont want to give up but will if I have to). I have almost zero gas, but occasionally have a tiny bit of gas. Does this mean I should take out all dairy, just have LESS dairy, or is it possible, per Dr. Robillard’s trouble-shooting section, that I am eating too much protien?

When you started seeing results did you occasionally have a little gas or did it stop completely? My diet already feeling very restricted and I am stubbornly not wanting to cut anything else out!!