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I have LPR and I am having a hard time with nighttime reflux. That is, I wake up with sour taste or acid in my mouth or back of throat. Has anyone else experienced this? I am on a low carb diet but I’m off dairy for now. It doesn’t agree with me at this point. Norm’s plan includes a lot of dairy. I’m getting discouraged because this does not seem to be helping. Gastroenterologists really don’t know what to do with LPR symptoms. They just ask you to lose weight and stop eating tomato sauce, citrus and fatty foods. I’m on Protonix in the a.m. I’d like to get off of it since it’s not working. I’m going to make appointment with my ENT as I’ve had a very sore throat recently. Last time I had no damage to my vocal chords or throat. I am a singer and this concerns me. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.