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Bearsmom- for chocolate, I started with the milk chocolate listed in the FTD two week plan, then after adding back in lactose & fructose foods with no problems, I tried dark chocolate (same small amount as listed for milk chocolate in the two week plan). No problems, so next time two squares, etc. I am lucky, as I can now drink a cup of cocoa, have a small handful of dark chocolate M&Ms, several squares of dark chocolate, etc.

I started alcohol with a small glass of dry red wine (okay), then tried a bottle of dry hard cider (okay), etc. Prior to my LPR, I only drank one drink occasionally at a dinner out, so I am happy to be back to normal there too.

I still take enzymes when I need them, a probiotic every day, and a few supplements like Vitamin D based on bloodwork. Based in growing research about the effects of grains & sugar causing inflammation, I am fine with keeping them to a minimum.

I regularly use tumeric powder, ginger powder, & other anti-inflammatory spices in my smoothies & other meals. I think these help a lot. In the beginning I took DGL (deglycerhized licorice) chewables, marshmallow root & a product called Gastrazyme to heal my throat, esophagus & stomach. Was able to quit those after a few months.