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The digestive supplement I take is called B.P.P. by Thorne Research. They have good information about it on their website. I take it when I think I might eat something that would HIGHLY bother me : ) Initially during my early treatment I took 1 capsule per day.
Raw veggies are definitely a gut trigger for me, I just feel ill after eating alot of them. One leaf is okay but not enough for my veggie requirements so I grind them up. Does not seem to directly bother my bladder.
Usually if I am going to consume a dairy product I just take a lactaid enzyme but I rarely consume dairy products.
Drinking..I have read that vodka and gin may be okay. Tried the gin it made me want to pee. I drink only very dry white wine and then it is one glass with dinner, its supposed to help digest your meal. I have definitely overdone (or 2 or 3 more cups) it before and it does bother my bladder but one glass is ok.
Yes, I checked out the Natren that looks like a good probiotic. I am going to finish mine first it is also simple strain.