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Pam, it is really wonderfull you have found some good relief after all the hard work and pain you have endured!

Couple more quick questions/thoughts:

You said you take an enzyme if you are going to occasionally have a dessert? Does this mean you take an amylase enzyme to help you digest the starch in the dessert? Is there some specific enzyme you take that you can recommend? I would not want to take that daily, but occasionally it would be good to know about!

You said raw greens are still hard for you (Thanks for the recommendation to make a smoothie, it has been really helpful for me I think). Do the raw greens bother your bladder? Or your gut (bloating, heartburn, gas)? Hardly any foods bother my bladder, but obviously many are bothering my gut until I can reduce this overgrowth!

I know I have mentioned Natren Probiotics to you before. I hope you have a closer look at them, including the Digesta-lac (a strain that produces lactase to help you digest dairy). You can call the company and ask them what they recommend. You can start VERY small with the probiotics. My doc uses usally small amounts of mega, then bifido, then sometimes degesta-lac. I believe hey all help digest dairy-especially the digesta-lac. I would be nice if you could eat a little. Also, have you experimented with raw dairy cheeses and raw butter?? My doctor swears that these are so much easier to digest when one’s gut is more healed. You might have a look at those–raw cheese is not hard to find at all! The natural enzymes and organisms in the raw dairy enhance digestability. Worth a shot!

Also, you said you can still have a glass of wine? (My doc says if I drink anything it should be Vodka, I guess because it does not tend to feed candida like beers and wine might?). Norm says wine shoule be ok. I have not had a drink in over two years. I am a mom of two school aged girls. LOL. I would LOVE to have the occasional glass of wine or sugar-free cocktail when I go out with my husband. How do you tolerate this? Do you have a glass weekly? Or every other night? Or less often? I will surely wait till my gut is more healed before I try but would love to know. Thanks for your thoughts!!