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My diet…well, there are just things that are forever off my list. After looking at the fodmap, scd, low oxalate, ic and low fermentation my diet is a mix of all of them. My constipation is still somewhat of a problem but my fault is that I do not drink enough water but I do everything else in moderation. I do find that if I do not drink my sludge that my bowels do not move as well so keep trying to go back onto that. Avoiding ketosis may mean that you need to add protein, I think it is at least 30 g per day. The recommendation I saw was that you need to treat your body like a body building does to avoid ketosis.

As far as SIBO symptoms…my gut is still FLAT! I am not getting the bloating although I do get gurgling every once and a while. Sometimes I take a digestive enzyme particularly for anything I know I will have a problem digesting like sugars. Yes I cheat sometimes, like if I am going to have a slice of that holiday pie I take a digestive enzyme.

Still avoid lactose and for the gluten I just had a blood biomarker test on that and my odds of celiac are not different than the general population but that does not mean I may not have gluten sensitivity. I may eat a slice of white bread, only consume jasmine rice. I basically try to remain on low fermentation. In general I feel good, especially when I take my vitamin B supplements.

I think my sludge with the L-glutamine is still really important for my healing.I did add NAG too. In general I am still doing way better than ever. Also, have difficulty with raw lettuce, spinach so that goes in the sludge.

Initially when I started the whole SIBO diet thing I was very restrictive like you and I have read it can take up to one year for healing. This was one reason I did the antibiotic I could no longer endure the horrid pain I was in and so I believe it helped me get a hold on this little monster.