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Pam, the answer to your question regarding Endo is a long one. Firstly, without wanting to alarm you, your daughter is at risk for IC with her Endo symptoms. Does having endo mean she will get IC? No. But they are closely related. And to some extent she inherited your gut flora (via placenta and if you had a vaginal birth, via delivery through the vaginal canal). Many women by childbearing age have very disrupted gut flora that sadly we hand down to our children. If she took any antibiotics or other medications as a child that puts her at further risk.

I hope she will look at Norm’s diet and keep track of her lifestyle/behavior choices (keeping stress low, eating whole foods, limiting sugar and alchohol, recreational and over the counter drugs and ESPECIALLY antibiotics) as this will all help lower her risks.

I had laproscopy to fix a septate (misshapen) uterus to prevent future miscarriage. At that time they found Stage 2 Endo (whatever that means–ah, the Western classification of disease is mostly annoying to me these days, now that I treat with a Chinese Medicine Doctor). They lasered what they could find, but that does not mean they got everything. In chinese medicine, they explain conditions called latency and compensation. You can read about it in Dr. Brizman’s dissertation. It will give you a better sense of what is going on in the body when one has something like endometriosis, fibroids, skin tags, and other growths. Below is an interesting but dense article explaining the complex process of latency (disease process) in the body. http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=32470.

The classical chinese medicine view is that the body does very strange things to manage pathogens and exposure to toxins in the body. Endo being one of them.

So if she treats the endo with surgery, it may return, as the underlying issues have not been addressed that allowed the endo to occur in the first place. This could include managing SIBO, and other variables that contribute to disease (chemical birth control and antibiotics and NSAIDS are some big ones that come to mind). I would always advocate, like Norm does, dietary and lifestyle/behaviour modifications over something invasive like surgery. I also feel VERY strongly that abx treatment for SIBO is not necessary and the down sides are not good. My holistic doctor would agree. Addressing the underlying contributors to SIBO is much more crticial. And Norm’s diet. I know you and I may not agree on this. I have seen no upsides to useing the ABX therapy in any of the case studies I read (except for yours, but you are following Norm’s diet, so that kind of skews the results 😉

Anyway, I hope that answers some of your questions and interesting and now not surprising at all to read of the connection btw. SIBO and endo. I have had SIBO for my whole adult life, and endo along with it. I am lucky that after chinese medicine treatment in my 20s (and now again in my 40s) I have really no endo pain to speak of and no painfull periods.

All the best to your daughter!! xo