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Jaeme, GREAT to hear from you, thanks!!! How do you figure how much chocolate is reasonable? Do you stick with milk choc. since the dark has so much fiber? I am going to only cut rice for 5-7 days so I hope I dont really go into ketosis, I would really rather not. I still have some lingering gas (minor) and burping (pretty minor) and a tiny trace of heartburn in the afternoon (which in general is kind of rare for me so I wonder if things are shifting). I was going to cut the rice to get my FP super low for a week. Also I keep using too much magnesium and I think that might be creating the gas so I am going to try to cut that out for a few days. My only other concern in dairy but I am having very small amounts of that so I am hoping it is ok. I adore my greek yogurt. THANKS for your thoughts and for checking in. It means a LOT!