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Hi chughes- I had LPR & IBS. LPR so bad I choked on pills, gagged them back up, tried to re-swallow, choke again, etc. Towards the end before finding the FTD diet I coughed & swallowed & gagged almost constantly all day & night. This caused so much inflammation I was losing my voice. This also inflamed my thyroid and caused nodules and swollen lymph glands, and then thyroid antibodies. The FTD saved my life. I am virtually LPR free, all throat inflammation gone, thyroid inflammation & nodules gone. Hair growing back. IBS & rosacea virtually gone as well unless I eat my trigger foods which are starchy carbs. Are you on the FTD diet now? I started seeing results the first week. Had been on the Dropping Acid diet prior, which only made condition 10x worse (based on Norm’s research, that makes total sense why).