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Bearsmom- will try to catch up on your questions:
1.) First breads that worked for me were baguette, English muffin, light rye & naan. Check ingredients, as brands can differ. Also watch portions- only a half muffin, half slice of bread, 1-2″ long piece of baguette, etc.
2.) Yes, I had relapses off and on the first month or two- so much rebalancing going on in the gut while it heals.
3.) YES, ketosis kept me in high gear and I barely slept two hours a night despite sleep aids like melatonin (prior to ketosis I slept like a baby). I eventually went on a Rx (which I normally shun like the plague) called Remeron (suggested by another forum member). At very low dose it acts as an antihistamine for sleep and has a healing effect on the digestive system. Worked like a charm, and getting good sleep also facilitated healing.
4.) My carbs still come mostly from fruits, veggies & dairy (& chocolate). I feel better staying mostly away from grains & beans.