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Pam, thanks! It is so hard to see family members sick and feel powerless to help them. My sister also has her share of health problems and does not heed any of my advice, really. The same holds true of my parents, althuogh I did get my dad to cut way back on sugar.

Exposure to drugs in utero is one of the many things that sets us up for chronic illness as an adult. As does the nutritional status/health/microbiome of our mother and father that are passing down DNA and in the case of the mother, microbes! We start out with a deficit of healthy flora and then have to try to build our health from there and that is a tall order! Another part of my health picture is that I took some fertility drugs to concieve my first child (not IVF, but other drugs). My holistic doc said this played a role in my developing IC. But I was developing it before the fertility drugs also, because I had painfull periods (common, but not normal), endometriosis, and sub-fertility. So many different health pictures can lead to IC, that is why my doc does not use a one size fits all for treatment.