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You bring good insights to the table and you are so smart to see a holistic Dr. right away. I went thru all the painful tests I had no idea what was going on.

I am sure stress played a huge part as I had an extremely stressful childhood. My mom also consumed a very nasty drug, DES, while prego with me cause she kept losing babies. This is one of the reasons I wanted a full hysterectomy. The only way I really narrowed it down was I only had two parts left bladder and bowel and things were still messed up so I knew it had to be one part or the other.

Also, I am a military brat and so I was born in Germany in the late l950’s and contracted this diarrhea epidemic that was going around as an infant and was in a incubator for some time. Lost my dad to cancer not to long after that and my mom was very sick with heart disease so she was never healthy and I suspect she also had SIBO given that her gut was so large and she only weighs about 115 pounds. My poor mom, clueless about this.

Whats more bothersome is my sister is going down the same road with other bad autoimmune stuff too! She will not listen to anything I tell her! She is going thru a private hell right now she went thru the bladder mesh surgery and it has degraded in her body and now has had multiple other surgerys to fix this. Her bladder is TOAST. And she is a part of the multimillion dollar lawsuit.