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Well I have been thru plenty of holistic healing practioneers and many with emphasis on IC so we are talking that I have been dealing with this for over 10 years so you could imagine…I’ve been thru it all.

Many have tried to help with the sleeping issue and some think it may be psychological because I have had this problem for a long time.

I am sure I went into ketosis because I had lost a lot of weight initially and I am keeping it off. Mainly belly fat that I could not get rid of. And when I look at the ketosis symptoms I had a lot of them.

Also, could be hormones as I had everything taken out two years ago. I am on bioidenticals and they help even out the problems.

I am still healing I do believe as I can actually function but still not completely healed. Not sure how bad your case was but if you were not getting up thru the nite to pee then I am wondering if you had IC or something else. Mine was so bad that during tests that I was actually flying off of the table.