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Hi Pam!
If you have not been eating rice or fruit, it is likely (?) that you are consuming minimal carbs which would yes put you into a fat-burning state (yes, ketosis). This is NOT necessarily a bad thing (although the research on the effects of ketosis and intermittent fasting is skewed heavily towards men). I am not really sure it is a bad thing? Except that for people with chronic health conditions, it may add additional stress to the body? And then there are those hard core anti-grain and starch folks that think being in ketosis is the ONLY way to regain health? Paul Jaminet from the Perfect Health diet seems to be an advocate of limited carb diet, rather than ketosis. He recommends I think consuming at least 200 calories from carbs per day, but I am not sure.

I may try the ketone strips, but I have also read they are not very reliable. I just don’t want ketosis to affect my sleep! (I have good sleep! At least I have THAT going for me, LOL, and I dont want to mess with that!). I have read ketosis can cause sleep problems, especially for women, as well as hormone changes that are not as suitable to women as to men. Similar goes for intermittent fasting (eating, say, only between the hours of 11 and 6).