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What are alternatives to wheat flour? — Good question 🙂 I’m afraid I don’t know many. What I have seen so far (here and elsewhere) has either lots of fiber or lots of carbs or both. Carbs are less of a problem if the GI is high, but the recipes I have seen all had so much carbs that a GI around 75% could already cause troubles. Take for instance 50g French Baguette which has a very high GI and actually a moderate amount of carbs. According to my calculations the FP is 2.9g (at least for the baguette I can buy where I live). The same bread with a GI of 75% would deliver 8.1g FP, that’s way more than double! So, GI is one big problem for alternatives that use for instance potato starch or tapioca starch. Another huge problem is that alternatives (at least the ones I have seen) are much more compact/dense than French Baguette. If you want to put the same slice of cheese on top you’ll likely end up with more grams of “bread”.

So far I know 3 alternatives that somewhat “work”:
1) Carb-rich flours with a high GI like Jasmine rice flour.
2) Bread alternatives (whatever) with lots of air like puffed rice (as used in rice wafer cakes). Unfortunately, these cannot be used for cooking (I tried!;) as they shrink once they get wet and/or hot.
3) Bread alternatives that are thin like tortilla chips, again due to the reduced weight per serving. Personally, I don’t know any without wheat except the rice flour chips we’ve already discussed. But I guess they do exist. Anyway, with sticky rice these are easy to make.