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Hi Norm
I have finished 3 weeks of the FTD. I have a significant (95%) reduction in bloating and gas. I still have some burping but have some improvement there too. My days are low FP and I have even removed my beloved 1/2 cup of berries and 2oz of cashews (MISS THOSE!). Yesteday I skipped breakfast as you advised that to give the gut a rest from time to time. I think it helped. I am not sure if I should undertake further restrictions (removing my 1/2 cup yogurt and occasional slice of cheese) or just continue for another few weeks as I am. In otherwords, does one need to continue to lower the FP to get a perfect baseline, or if symptoms have reduced significantly, just continue as is and expect further improvements? I could lower my FP even more (taking out rice in case I am reacting to that) or the small amount of dairy, but I feel pretty restricted as is. Any thoughts appreciated.