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Hi, Norm,

I am just starting the FTD and I am a little nervous as I am still taking Protonix 40 mg. every morning. Honestly, it isn’t doing much for me because my nighttime reflux is a problem. Six months ago when I read your book, it all made sense to me because I’ve been having trouble with beans, lentils and carbs in general for years…gas, gas pains and now acid reflux. I just didn’t connect this to my reflux. Beano never worked. I stop eating hours before I go to bed and, although my bed is raised, my stomach churns and I wind up with the acid taste every morning. I’ve never liked low carb diets but yours looks interesting. I don’t think I can tolerate dairy at this point. Is it possible that I may be able to reintroduce it later?
Do you recommend that I wean myself off of Protonix before I begin? I’m not sure what to do. I’m afraid of acid rebound. I’ve been through it before.