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I was curious about the tapioca flour and did some web research. First of all, it is a bit mis-named since it is actually dry starch, not a flour. Ideally, what is called “Tapioca” should be extracted starch from the roots which are generally called “Cassava”. Though, I wouldn’t count on it. In any case, there is not much GI data, at least not considering the importance of Tapioca and the fact that it is high in carbs.
So, roughly speaking, Tapioca starch contains about 86% carbs and ideally no fiber. The GI values for various Tapioca products range between 70 and 90. We should assume a conservative value of 70. The fact that Tapioca “flour” is a starch should increase the GI, the fact that it is consumed after cooling likely decreases it. Let’s say these 2 effects cancel each other out.
That gives 25.8g FP per 100g “flour” for a GI of 70%.
I think this is relatively high compared to alternatives. I would recommend not to try Tapioca early in the FTD diet unless one is already used to it and knows that it is well tolerated. However, since it is a high carb food I’d be careful anyway.