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Norm Robillard
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Hi Sancam,
Yes, blueberries are listed in the table (serving size 4.2 ounces) with an FP of 11 grams. But 1/2 cup of blueberries represents a 2.6 ounce serving size having an FP of only 7 grams. Also, many of the recipes only call for 1/3 cup making the FP value even lower. The FP grams of blueberries represent sugar and fiber and can absolutely feed gut bacteria. But moderate serving sizes should be well tolerated as long as overall FP is controlled.

You are correct: The symptom potential is higher for higher FP values. As stated in the book, 7 grams FP or less in a single meal (all food in the meal combined) is considered low. Up to 15 grams (all foods in a meal) is considered moderate, etc. Reduce the total FP for a meal if needed by reducing serving size or choosing lower FP foods.
Probiotics are discussed in the book. A general rule of thumb is that probiotics that don’t produce gas are the safest – L. acidophilus, B. bifida, etc.

For determining FP for foods not listed you can look up the nutrition facts and use the FP tool on this site, or for a rough estimate, count up total carbs minus fiber, divide by two and add fiber grams to that subtotal.
1. aloe vera – relatively low carb and should be fine.
2. Kambucha (3 ounce serving has about 3 grams of FP) and femented foods like sauerkraut (1/2 cup, 71 grams is FP = 3 grams). For Kambucha, opt for lower carb / lower sugar brands or recipes.
3. Spirulina: FP is about 4 grams for a one ounce serving.
4. Soaked flax seeds(I swallow them whole for constipation). Flax seeds are mostly fiber – FP = 9 grams for a 1.1 ounce serving. Flax seeds are in the ebooks and second printings of the paperbacks.
5. Can using toothpaste with xylitol feed the bacteria? Should be fine. Not much xylitol used and you only rinse with it.