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I have just begun the FTD. It’s really been only one day and I didn’t have all the right foods…not enough green veggies. I am encouraged by your post, Jaeme, as it looks like you’ve been on a journey and it’s finally paid off. I have to keep this in mind as I try to heal. I’m on Protonix (40 mg.) once per day. I have reflux at night. I wake up with acid in my throat/mouth. This is really scary. I have tried to get off of PPI’s once before and the rebound was so bad that I developed a raspy voice. There wasn’t any permanent damage to my larynx thankfully. I have osteopenia and I don’t want it to get worse. A friend of mine has serious osteoporosis from PPI’s. I also have seborrhea of the scalp and forehead which I have long suspected is from diet. I’ve had the FTD book for at least 6 months but I didn’t act on it because I’ve never been fond of low carb diets. I always wanted to be a vegetarian/vegan and I finally tried it recently with disastrous results. Basically, Vegan diets are high starch. I felt lighter, I wasn’t constipated and I enjoyed the food. However, my reflux was so bad, I had severe gas and gas pains so I stopped…and then I remembered Norm Robillard’s book. This is where I begin my journey.