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Hey all I really need some help. On week 3 and the constipation is getting worse and worse which is bringing back my gas, burping and bloating (UGH!). I do take magnesium but it is not helping much. Someone on this thread wrote that they are getting about 200 grams per day of fast track low FP carbs to help the constipation. I started looking up the carb count and that seems like a TON of veggies which would put one over the FP limit? I am really struggling with this. For example, 1 whole cup of raw beets has 13 grams of carbs. And Gie said they were eating 200 grams of carbs per day?? Did they mean to say calories?? What am I missing? I was trying to get a very low FP because I still had a little gas and burping so I cut out fruit and now I am really backed up. I am eating a lot of fat and drinking a lot of water??

Also I am thinking to take out the rice for now but don’t want to go into ketosis and not sure how to do this with low FP veggies? Thanks!