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Jaeme, SUPER helpful.Thanks! I don’t work out of the house so am lucky to not have to be exposed to too much pizza (LOL) or else I bring my lunch (hardboiled egg, avocado, salad, homemade greek yogurt/dill/garlic salt dressing. It is anoying to have to bring my own food but worth it. That makes sense that you might use the enzyme if you were in a situation where you had to eat carbs! I too know I am low in D and I am sure zinc too although I have not been tested for zinc. But with my skin issues I imagine low zinc playing a role. Supplements are so tough for me as my doctor thinks they can work against treatment and create unecessary problems (i.e. if one is low in zinc, does one get to the root of the absorbtion/assimilation of zinc issue, or simply supplement zinc when the body is not ready to use it properly??) this is HER perspective, and she has found her IC patients don’t respond very well to supplements, except often vitamin D is helpful). Just an interesting perspective. It sounds like you have done some careful research and have found a great path. Thanks again for all your insight!!