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Enzyme is called Acid Ease (bad name, it has nothing to do with acid, just not as harsh on stomach as ones with protease). It is just amylase for starchy carbs (my only trigger) plus marshmallow root and slippery elm to support stomach healing (mine was stressed from being on acid blockers & Dropping Acid diet). Amylase is in saliva, so ultra chewing helps too. I have cut back on it, but still take it if I am forced to eat grain carbs/starches by daily life (ie- only thing for lunch at a workshop being pizza, etc.) The HCL is called Zypan by Standard Process. Again, trying to be healthy had cut out most salt & all processed foods, but may not have had enough chloride in diet to make stomach acid (and resulting problems from that). Same as above, I have cut back on that and upped my sea/pink salt consumption (and blood pressure is still at 112/68). The biggest thing is finding what your food trigger(s). I am fortunate, its just starchy carbs (lactose, fructose, etc. are fine). When I overdue the starchy carbs, my LPR flares up first and then the rosacea. Cut back, both subside. My Nutritionist used Chinese Muscle Testing for the supplements. My scientific mind was sceptical, but it seemed to be spot on for me, including amounts and when I could cut back/eliminate. Bloodwork showed I was critically low on VitD, and low in zinc & iodine (again, had been using no iodized salt & live in lowest iodine soils region). Supplements where whole-food sourced, not lab created isolates.

Everyone’s gut is unique, but my belief after going through all this is that SIBO is the problem and for me, starchy carbs fed those bacteria and resulted in the acid fumes for LPR and whatever agent causes the rosacea. The FTD diet is the biggest factor in the improvement. I feel & look better than I have in years, and I am 48. Hope you will find it helpful too!