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Thank you bearsmom ! Yes, i am working with homeopathic physician for a few years now. But it seems that he is perplexed with me and a little bored with all my never ending conditions 🙂 Also i tryed to collaborate with “normal” gastroenterologist but he doesn’t support the idea of low FP (or paleo) diets and suggests only PPI’s wich makes me desperate. As this was not the first my gastro-doc i just don’t know where to find another one.

For now i use FP diet and use some principles of the book “Save Your Gallbladder and what to do if you’ve already lost it” by Sandra Cabot and Margaret Jasinska (i find this book very usefull for those with gallbladder issues).
In principle i can say that FP-diet and this book complement each other very well! Also i take clay before nighttime in a hope that it absorbs bad bacteria and excessive bile.

Can’t say much about improvement – but at least i can finally sleep at night!