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Hi Rebecca- I have had great success with the FTD diet and rosacea (both facial & occular). Bearsmom is correct, it did take 3-4 months to begin seeing results on rosacea, and 5-6 months remission stage. I started FTD for LPR (which is now 99% eliminated unless I cheat on my trigger foods which are starchy carbs/grains). I was focused on the LPR, but noticed the improvement in the rosacea, and then family/friends/coworkers started commenting on how good I looked. As with the LPR, if I cheat on the trigger foods the rosacea flares up too. Improvement is a multi-step process. First eliminate the SIBO food source, add back in the bacteria lost from the antibiotics (take a delayed-release probiotic), allow time for gut flora to rebalance and then digestive tract will begin healing. As gut heals, then other body systems will also improve. Drink lots of water, get good sleep, do some form of stress msnagement too.