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Rebecca, from what I have read, people are having results with Rosacea on the Fast Track Diet but 3 or 4 months seems to be a critical amount of time to address skin issues. Once you are certain you are impacting the SIBO, then the inflammation has to reduce and new skin needs to come in. This takes 4 months.

I also find strict Paleo to be very challenging for my mood and energy, and find that Norm’s diet with low lactose dairy, moderate nuts, one serving of fruit (I usually have 1/2 cup berries with my full fat greek yogurt for breakfast) and a bit of Jasmine rice and diverse vegetables and seasonings to be very do-able. Could you give his diet a try for a few months? Also, blending my raw veggies with avocado for one of my meals makes a smoothie and helps with digestability.

Also, are you replacing the gut flora that may have been lost from the antibiotics? And some patience! With low stomach acid and motility, this comes from deep imbalance in the body! Things can come crashing down overnight and take 1 or 2 years to rebalance!