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THANKS Pam, I am not so far consistently having issues so will keep going, thanks!

As for the cococut and the IC diet, I should be more clear. I have never followed the “low acid IC Diet” as I believe, like you, it is rubbish, as does my doctor. My IC doctor is not a medical doctor, as in a urologist, but actually a holistic doctor that has also never used the western “IC Diet”. Her information on coconut is based on her clinical experience treating people with IC and has deduced that they do not respond well to this food and should not have it in their diet.

You might have a look at the Natren line of probiotics as they do get past the stomach acids. They are top of the line. My doc has used them with great success treating IC. They are single strain and not the ones that Norm mentioned that are concerning. I only use the capsule form and open the capsule, not the powder as I think it has vitamin C which not great for IC.

Interesting and good that your bladder tollerate’s the pepperment!! My doctor assigns properties to things like ginger and pepperment and they are usually too strong and she does not use them in her practice. Not that they are not effective, it is just that there can be a cost, micra-flora and tissue health wise, to any herb used medicinally because they have energetic properties in addition to what they do in a western sense. But I will be thrilled to see how you get on using the pepperment. If you are having bladder sx I would personally would question the peppermint. it would only be something I would add if I had low bladder sx as a baseline. If you still had leaky gut then the immune system could overreact to peppermint. Just a thought!