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Norm Robillard
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Wow, great suggestions Andrea. Thanks. Your insights are really helpful. The app will have both common serving sizes (requested by many) but will maintain grams for each serving. Ounces will be going away. As for some errors in the first book, these have been corrected both in the ebooks and print books for both FTD IBS and Heartburn.

Maintenance and updating is a big issue for me as well and I will do my best to include a long term contract for maintenance. Good suggestion about coding that another programmer can understand and work on. Fuzzy search is also a great idea and I will look into this.

I appreciate you thoughts on the diet log as well. If possible, we will include tracking and exporting functionality. I hadn’t considered tracking carbs, calories or dairy (just FP), but I will give this some thought. Adding exercise, sleep, and stress level should be easy. And of course, foods/servings, FP, symptoms and meds/supplements will be included.