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My experiences, so far, are based on some of the existing apps, and on my own (digitally aided) daily habits:

Most importantly, please, plan for updates. There are too many outdated, incomplete and incorrect apps out there that nobody bothers to maintain. If you pay a programmer, make sure you agree on maintenance after the release, and that programming is done in a way so that another programmer could pick it up.

When searching for entries in the food tables the searching should allow fuzzy search terms (e.g. looking for “corn” should also show “popcorn”, looking for “carrots” or “carot” should also show “carrot”) and include alternative names (e.g. “rice wafer” and “rice cake” — there are probably better examples).

About common serving sizes: I understand that this does make it easier for some. I weigh most of the food I eat. So, I ended up recalculating each and every item from your book tables :] I think, serving sizes are helpful, but there should be values/gram, too.

Speaking of the tables: I found that I had to write my own due to the fact that where I live some values differ significantly, some items I had to add, some of the values in the (printed) book are wrong (later corrected by Norm), some didn’t match my own research.

I am keeping a daily diary of what I eat and drink, exercises, stress, 3 symptoms, sleep, calories, body weight, gram FP. (I wish I had also kept total carbs. Of course, an app could log these values automatically.)

I did consider to use apps for the diary (there are plenty of apps out there). Of course, almost no software includes GI values. However, there’s something more crucial that keeps me from using an app: If I keep a diary for weeks (or as in my case for years) I want to be able to export the data at least as a CSV file, so that I can use it in spreadsheets, and — maybe even more importantly — have backups.

If a diary feature is included, personally, I wish the app could also generate graphs. But that’s just for the wishlist 🙂