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Pam, thanks for all your thoughts on this. I hate hearing that IBS-C SIBO is so much harder to treat! Ugh. But it is true. Bifido bacteria seems to help my BMs, as do the smoothie salads (pureeing the food) that you recommended, at least for 1 meal. It sucks to have to be so strickt, but given I have had SIBO and malabsorbtion for most of my adult life, in order to regain all the nutrients I have lost, I figure it is going to take many years.

One of the things about probiotics causing pain with IC, is that they may contain vitamin C in some of the preparations and this can cause inflammation for ICers. Also, with increased intestinal permeability, fermented probiotic foods and supplements can be extremely painful, this is because the microbes cross the intestinal barrier and leak into the lymphatic system which increases inflammation. The immune system over-reacts to these microbes. This is why it is necessary to use the right kind of probiotics, in micro- doses at first. My holistic doctor is very knowledgeable about how to use probiotics with IC. I think you might consider getting a consult with her practice.

As for impaired intestinal motility this is often the case. And low stomach acid. My doctor looks at this holistically as well, trying to heal all the organ systems to restore balance and improve digestion.

If there are biofilms, a product such as SF 722 can be useful as it is known to dissolve/break up biofilms and revert candida from the fungal form back to its normal yeast form. But I personally would never use it without consulting with my doctor as she uses it in combinations with other things to make it safer for IC patients.