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Well, well … after I wrote my entry above saying “I pretty much gave up looking for bread alternatives” I went to the kitchen and I had a look at my list of “Things I am curious to try”. One of the items on that list was “rice flour bread”. *LOL* So, I went ahead and tried out what I had in mind. Turns out that seems to work pretty well:
Might not be the type of bread others have in mind, however, note that this is unleavened and free of baking agents. That way one just can’t make loafs (like sandwich bread loafs).
I’ve tried it only once, I think, it’s too early to publish the recipe. However, for those who want to experiment themselves, and for those who want to check my FP calculations, here’s what I did:

  • 20g sticky rice/glutinous rice cooked in about 80ml water for about 15-20min (make sure water does not evaporate completely; my rice was slightly watery at the end)
  • 80g Jasmine rice flour
  • 100g Quark/”Topfen 40%” (100g have 141kcal, 3.2g carbs, 9g proteins, 10g fat)
  • Salt, spices

This should become a dough that while still sticky is dry and fat enough to not stick much to the bowl. I used a large tablespoon per piece of bread, flattened out to 4-5mm using a bit of rice flour to keep it from sticking to fingers etc. I made 8 pieces. Eventually, bake at 180 °C (356 °F) for 15–20min. The bread should be ready when it gained some yellowish color.

The result, after cooling, weighed in at 170g. For cooled down sticky rice and Jasmine rice flour, I assume a GI of 95%. So, for 20g rice we get 1.3g FP. 80g Jasmine rice flour have 3.2g FP. The Quark has about 2g FP. This sums up to 6.5g FP for 170g bread, that’s 3.8g per 100g which indeed is slightly lower than the FP of rice cakes (1 piece of 8g has 1.5g FP) and French baguette (25g have 1.5g FP).

For folks outside of Central Europe, getting Quark might be difficult. I guess, other/similar types of fresh cheese might work, too. But it will take time to figure out what and how. Moreover, one really has to use high GI flour like Jasmine rice flour. BTW, I am not sure if the sticky rice is a requirement. It might just work as well without.

Again, please, remember that this was only my 1st try. And the bread isn’t even 24 hours old, yet (next day texture is very important). But it does taste delicious and super-bread-like 🙂

bearsmom — I never observed any problems with rice cakes. However, I only eat 2 a day for breakfast. That’s not much, I think.