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Norm Robillard
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Sivert, To calculate the FP of the bread recipe you shared, the relative amounts of the ingredients are needed. Does the recipe include the amounts?

I agree Andrea. There are some challenges with finding gluten-free breads that are low in FP and the recipe listed above is likely relatively high in FP. But I wouldn’t give up. Trying to replicate the attributes that gluten imparts without adding too much fiber and resistant starch is a challenge for sure, but there must be a solution.

In the FP tables, I list a low amylose rice bread that has an FP of 3 grams per slice. I don’t know what recipe was used, but if I am able to find out, I will post here. Using rice and tapioca flours in bread recipes may be one avenue to explore.

And of course, for those who tolerate wheat/gluten, there are already low FP breads available.