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I am still having issues. I did a course of Rifaximin and that did change things, but I still have SIBO symptoms if I eat a starch or a meat with a lot of GAGs or maybe glutamine. I retested for SIBO and I am very negative now, so my test doesn’t match my symptoms.

We have thanksgiving in Canada earlier than you guys so I already experienced the big turkey dinner which is a major heartburn fest for me. Thanksgiving is usually the kick off for the winter season of pain that ends in an ulcerative colitis flare in Feb or March. Anyhow this year I was very careful eating only the breast meat of the turkey as I was trying to avoid the GAGs. I didn’t eat any of the jus (drippings) because I thought that might contain GAGs from the cartilage of the turkey. I still ended up with heartburn and feeling sick. Is this from the glutamine? I will definitely read up on it. I ate nothing that should have given me symptoms and then I did all again the next day with left overs just to make sure. 🙁

I know I have bile malabsorption (SECHAT test). I think the course of Rifaximin killed off a bunch of SIBO that was deconjugating my bile. I was seeing greasy fatty stools before Rifaximin and now not so much. Instead, I am back to diarrhea (probably caused by bile getting in to the colin).

I think for my situation Norm is right on with the idea to focus on eating the MCT fats and avoid the saturated fats to try to reduce bile production. I am going to throw in some herbal bile sequestrants too. I want to see if that stops my diarrhea, but long term I would like to understand why I am not absorbing the bile. I have had some very bad UC flare ups so I probably have permanent damage to the ileum (I know UC doesn’t effect the ileum, but the docs saw inflammation in there).

If you get a chance watch Dr. Ruscio’s talk on the Digestion Sessions that Sean Croxton is putting on. It is awesome. He talks a lot about bile and it really resonated with me. The herbal bile sequestrants he mentions are boswellia, bee propolis and guggul. I am trying the boswellia as of yesterday so I can’t say if it works.

I really feel like I am on the cusp of figuring out what the medical system couldn’t figure out for 40 years! I really appreciate Norm and all the others in this community that share the info and ideas that they work so hard to figure out. This is true health care.