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I just think the cleansing wave is out of whack esp. for IC folks and the research supports the findings. Also, I believe that SIBO is an over growth of bacteria, both good and bad. Right? So the problem is we have too much bacteria in the small intestine, there really should not be much bacteria in there at all. I do believe the constipation causes the big back up for me as you know constipation can basically cause bacteria from the large intestine to backflow (lack of better term) into the small intestine, hence to much bacteria in the small intestine. IBS-C SIBO as you know is much harder to treat than IBS-D. Our or my problem is to figure out why we have SIBO to begin with and one of those problems could have initiated from food poisoning, hormones, surgery, overuse of antibiotics or there could be a physical problem. Basically the cleansing wave is messed up for some reason. Yikes too much here, sorry to ramble!

Its odd I never really noticed bloating so much with my IC until I went after SIBO aggressively and then it came on. What I did notice is that I was unable to lose weight and kept on gaining weight. I am actually a small person and have been relatively fit all my life. After I addressed SIBO my gut shrunk and like you I can now fit into my old clothes.

Research on obesity is now also indicating that SIBO may be the cause for people unable to lose weight and people that get their guts stapled to control eating are also not addressing the real problem. Just more interesting research!

So I think that I will probably always be addressing the diet issue for the rest of my life and sure overtime as my gut heals I may be able to introduce a small amount of the offenders but it will take time. This is where Norm’s book is soo helpful over all the zillions of other diets I have been on, it address low fermentation foods so we starve the bacteria. I think one thing you mentioned that was important was the biofilm of bacteria. This biofilm can make treatment even more difficult. When I initially went thru treatment there was no doubt that I would experience die offs that made me feel quite nauseated. For me, the probiotics made me even sicker. This is odd too because with my IC groups, many would complain that probiotics made them feel sick…again, too much of a good thing?