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Pam, i try to eat 1/2 of my plate as veggies for lunch and dinner. Today I tried a blended salad as you suggested (greens in a blender with 1/3 avocado and a little almond milk) I hear the enzymes can helpw with BMs. Also someone else with constipation recommended some cashews after each meal (maybe not exceeding 2 oz?) I think that is helping me. Things are moving, but I am not sure how well? I just know my bloating is gone and the gas is near gone!!! I also use a probiotic, but my doctor changes that up so it is not always the same. The other face of IC is that it can come because of defficiency. This is hard to explain, it is a chinese medicine term. But years of poor diet, stress, medications, etc… can dry the mucosal tissues. So my Chinese Medicine Doctor does a lot of building/nurishing things. Kind of hard to explain in western terms. Do you have cold hands or feet?