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So impressed with your progress. I have had a few set backs mainly the constipation and it causes me to pee more. I have been avoiding the primary fermenting foods but I have not been getting enough veggies for sure.

Also, I am trying to get myself back to doing the pelvic floor exercises as my pelvic floor has been fried from all the horrible stuff I have been going thru with the IC. And, try to massage the gut when I am lying down to get that gut motility to get into gear. I started to take magnesium again about 200 mg will probably up that a bit and I need to drink more water. I have been a bad girl!

Interesting read on IC and SIBO was that researchers in Europe discovered that everytime their subjects needed to pee that the cleansing waves went into gear just before having to pee. The point here was that cleansing waves and having to pee showed a significant correlation. Oh, I love research and feel I am really on the right path to kicking this disease!