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I have been thinking a lot about this. I have candida and SIBO. But it is true that many symptoms overlap. The gut is a complex place with all kinds of oganisms fighting to co-exist. I do think if the gut is not acidic enough lots of non-beneficial oganisms can thrive, such as the organisms found in SIBO and candida albicans. My doctor believes the microbes and the candida form biofilms that are mutually beneficial and work together to obtain and share food. So it seems the FTD would minimize the overal amount of food in the gut that might feed these biofilms. The carb debate with candida is so confusing. A lot of candida diets allow fruits now. If one goes into ketosis, the candida feed on ketones I have read. So keeping some carbs in is important. If one is doing a candida diet alone, it is usually not enough to combat candida-usually anti-fungals have to be used with the diet. I have been on anti-fungals (SF722 from Thorne Research) for over 6 months so I think that knocked back my candida so that now I seem to be responding well to the FTD guidelines. I have been on FTD 8 days and my bloating and distention are gone. The candida diet did not help these symptoms at all. So I guess this is very individual. I am very careful to limit rice, per Norm’s guidelines. Many candida diets dont limit fruit. Many candida diets also allow grains, especially brown rice. This is because the thinking is that they are lower gi and move though the digestive tract quicker. BUT, we all know that this is not true if one has SIBO. So hense the conundrum. If I were just starting out on a candida diet that I wanted to be compliant with FTD, then maybe limit fruit to 1 serving per day, eliminate or only keep a tiny amount of rice (that is what I do, just a few tablespoons at this point). The dairy question is a big one. Some candida docs think dairy feeds the candida. Other’s think a little dairy is ok. Others think the dairy causes mucous which protects biofilms (biofilms are made of mucous). If anyone is worried about the rice because they are just starting out, then just as with blood sugar issues, leave it out. I am on the fence about this for me personally. But so far I have had some improvements with the rice still in. I really think most people have some amount of candida overgrowth, as it only takes one round of antibiotics to establish systemic candida (See Dr. Jeffrey McCombs video: The Science of Candida) on his website or youtube.