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IC can be caused by so many things but if you are indicating IBS plus IC you are definitely a candidate for having SIBO and SIBO could be causing or contributing to the problem. I would recommend that you contact a gastroenterologist in your area that will have you take the SIBO breath test, believe me it is not that big of a deal. At that point, depending on how sick you are, then you will need to take the recommended action. I think it is important to first of all understand SIBO and also while Robillard’s book discusses eliminating SIBO without antibiotics, he does not across the board dismiss using them if you have a fairly debilitating health concern.

Also, don’t be surprised if your regular doctor has not heard of SIBO. Even urologists have not heard of SIBO. In my personal opinion any person diagnosed with IC should also be tested for SIBO, before any recommended course of action.

Healing slowly but surely from “IC” and SIBO