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Norm Robillard
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Sorry that I haven’t been following these interesting posts on fat. One of the cornerstones of the Fast Tract Diet is the use of fats to make up some calories from reducing carbs (you can only increase proteins so much). The reason is that fats are not metabolized well by bacteria in the gut due to so little oxygen available so they should not contribute that much to SIBO.

But there are a few situations where fats are problematic. One is the case where insufficient bile is being produced leading to fat malabsorption (symptoms: grey, sticky, stinky stools). The other is the point that Robray brought up referencing Dr. Allison Siebecker’s talk discussing the ability of SIBO bacteria to deconjugate bile acids. My strategy was to reduce bacterial load in the small intestine in hopes that this activity would also subside if it were occurring. But one other interim solution, also mentioned above, might be to reduce animal fats temporarily while adding coconut oil medium chain fatty acids. These MCTs don’t require bile for digestion and perhaps would not trigger more bile release (though I don’t know for sure if this is the case). I don’t know much about monolaurin that was referenced from Chris Kresser’s site, but that may be an option as well.