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Ok!! Now that I have taken out confusing supplements, I can say I have been on the diet for 1 week. My gas has reduced by 75% and my BLOATING IS reduced by 95%!!! I feel and look normal in my clothes instead of 4 months pregnant!!! This has a huge effect on my self confidence. My skin was VERY oily, and this has decreased by 75%!!

My stools no longer have UNDIGESTED FOOD in them! Because of the reduction in specific types of fiber, my stools have changed in size. They resemble the number 4 and 5 on the Bristol Stool Chart:

I find this chart helpful, because with a lifetime of excessive fiber consumption under my belt, I never really new what a normal stool looked like. I notice I have to pay more carefull attention to the times I need to eliminate. When stools are smaller, it is hard for many to know when to go to the bathroom, because after a lifetime of large stools that overstretch the colon. This is discussed at length at
So I am taking a probiotic, and drinking lots of water, taking 300mg of magnesium and seem to be eliminating reasonably well! Hoping soon to get a reductionin burping and ocular rosacea and skin improvements!! I think burping has decreased some, but I am so pleased so far!!