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Bearsmom – I am excited for you too! I sure hope this approach works for you. Yes, I counted every carb, including veggies and things like kefir (which I still drink daily, mixed half with vanilla flavored unsweetened almond coconut milk). Since I could add in Jasmine rice, a half of English Muffin or a small slice of baguette, I was able to stay out of ketosis during the beginning months of FTD. Since I was able to determine that lactose, fructose, chocolate, etc. are not a problem for me, it is very easy to stay out of ketosis without even having to rely on grain foods like the baguette, etc. I don’t count carbs or FP points anymore, but have learned a good list of my safe and unsafe foods and eat meals based on that (Norm says he does the same – after a time it sort of becomes automatic). I am glad to say that I can eat out at restaurants again and not have to pack food everywhere I go.

I still take 200 mg magnesium, as that is below daily value and there is research showing the daily value might be a bit low for optimum function. Testing by my Nutritionist, including bloodwork, showed that I was very low in Vitamin D and Zinc and a few others (part of impaired/inflamed digestive tract). I did take supplements, but from companies that source from whole foods rather than lab-created. My opinion is that the healing these promoted also helped hand-in-hand with using the FTD diet (FTD kept out the causes to encourage re-balance & healing, supplements promoted quicker healing).