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I REALLY can’t tell you how helpful your posts have been!

Pam THANKS for starting this thread and for your insights too!!

Jaeme, I am just beyond excited. This is the only approach that has helped my bloating in 2 years!!

Jaeme, maybe a dumb question, but did/do you count carbs to stay above 50 grams, including those from veggies? 1/2 cup of jasmine rice seems to only contain 20-30 grams of carbs so I guess the rest are coming from veggies and my 1/2 cup of blueberries? Did you find you had to count to stay out of ketosis?

Right now I take magnesium oxide. I have managed to cut back on it and still having good BMs so I am pleased. My doc said I could try glycinate too which is a bit gentler. I woudld like to be off magnesium. Are you still taking it or do you find you dont need it anymore?

I know I have lost so many nutrients over the years. By the time one has IC it is likely one is deficient in vitamin D, Many of the B vitamins and likely have mineral imbalances, and for me I think low zinc. I am hoping to start absorbing vitamins better from my food, as I am very wary of taking vitamin supplements, my holistic doctor is very cautious about those for people with IC.

I am very intrugued at how this approach may help control candida as well. It sounds like you had an overgrowth but it was not severe and your body was able to manage it which is FANTASTIC. My doc says candida and other microbes piggy back in biofilms so I am still on a candida controlling supplement SF722 by Thorne Research. Which is meant to bust up biofilms and also weaken the walls of the fungal candida so the body can help revert it back to normal yeast that is supposed to live in our intestines. It sounds likeI have been on it for a long time, tho, presumably to help control bloating, which has mostly subsided so I want to revisit this candida supplement with my doctor because maybe I dont need it anymore!