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Bearsmom – what type of Magnesium are you taking? I use Magnesium citrate, as it is the version supposed to be best for constipation (NOW brand tablets, 200 mg daily now, started at 300-400 daily as intestines were adjusting to FTD). Magnesium gluconate is supposed to best for inducing sleep.

I did not use Splenda or aspartame,etc. I tried Stevia (“green packets” check brands, find one with only dextrose as additive), but it gave me headaches. So I just went to plain dextrose (which did add some no-FP point carbs that I needed). Another option is Monkfruit (“orange packets” – again check brands for only dextrose added). I have found that doing the FTD diet has helped me wean off of sweets – I used to put sugar in my coffee, but now I am fine with just cream, etc. Fruit for dessert is enough, and chocolate tastes so much sweeter now.

Norm – thanks for supportive words, and your genius of developing the FTD, sharing it with the world, and especially for creating this forum. The forum has been such a wealth of information and support, and we all greatly appreciate your time in checking in with us!