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Hi Bearsmom – good to hear of your progress! I can say now that I rarely burp or pass gas, and if I do, its a surprise – almost forgot what that is like. If I do, it is almost always traced back to cheating a bit on my trigger foods. I realize now how much I used to do that before being on the FTD.

Eating the Jasmine rice (which has negative FP point of -3 or-4) should not interfere with the baseline (it should be almost completely digested in the stomach and not make it to the intestines). Sticky rice has an FP of +3/+4, so it might cause a little trouble (so I stay with Jasmine). But its not really a matter of rice, but of keeping carbs above a point of ketosis (which can be different for everyone, but is often generally referenced as 50 or more per day). Great chart & explanation here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/press/the-primal-blueprint-diagrams/#axzz3JFh4Azkh

Apparently my body is on high gear in ketosis – I lost about 30 pounds and 3 bra sizes in a month’s time despite chugging pure cream and olive oil, eating chunks of butter, etc. I was only at 10-20 carbs per day, only from the veggies & few fruits since I had been conditioned to not eat those “white carbs” (so no baguette or English muffin either). Everyone around me was very worried and asking if I was ill/had cancer, etc. as I did not need to lose any weight when I started. I had tons of energy (very efficiently burning those fats) and had trouble staying asleep (would fall asleep fast, but wake up 2 hours later and not able to fall back asleep despite sleep aids). I did not know about ketosis, but by researching I quickly found out what was going on. I was fortunate to find an angel in the form of a Nutritionist who is an RN and a MS in Nutrition (she became a Nutritionist after several years of receiving no answers from traditional medicine for her very ill young son – who is now thriving as a young adult in his 20’s after a food-based approach to health). She helped me figure out how to get out of ketosis safely and additional support for healing my digestive system along with the FTD (in just three months time I had gone from a heavy whole-grain/whole food diet to the awful Dropping Acid Diet to a ketosis diet and finally to the proper use of the FTD diet – whew, what a bad ride that was). After that is has been smooth sailing to my current point of feeling in optimal health.

You also mentioned Candida – and I do think that can be a co-contributor. Prior to the FTD, for several years I had been making a lot of my own whole grain artisan bread (and therefore lots of yeast and fermentable carbs) and had simultaneously noticed an increase in general overall body itchiness (would even wake me at night). I chalked it up to dry air in winter, hormonal changes, etc. That has also gone away with the FTD. So a huge daily dose of whole grains, yeast, fermentable carbs, resistant starches, etc. topped with doses of antibiotics for rosacea & UTIs, (probably caused by the old diet – wicked cycle) – apparently the perfect storm for my ailments. And the FTD approach, the perfect solution for me. Best wishes and support!