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I think Andrea is giving very good advice. If this were happening to me, my first thought would be to try a more extreme version of the diet, as I have read some people have done. Not forever, but for a few weeks and keep a carefull log. I believe in the FTD:IBS book that I read, it suggests cutting fructose and lactose too if you are not getting the results that you want, in case those are aggrevating things. If you know you tollerate the rice, then keep only that as your carb. Otherwise, if you “try” oatmeal and some of your previous “safe” foods again, then, as Andrea said, even if you had it three days previously, it could still trigger symptoms later because the bacteria had a feast and are ready for the next thing and this is very confusing!!

As someone with candida/dysbiosis/leaky gut/and SIBO it can take a while to clear out and rebuild an entire ecosystem!! From what I read for tougher cases, 3 months of being very strict and keeping out all questionable foods (60-70% fat, 20% protien, and a little jasmine rice) would not be an unreasonable amount of time it might take to see results. And of course, if I was not having the results I wanted here, I would recommend a consult with Norm. That would be what I would do!

Best of luck!