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Croline, FTD is not 100% effective for anything, not even theoretically, definitely not practically. We are far, very far, from understanding the causes of SIBO, LPR, meteorism etc.. Basically, we are yet at a stage where we try to quantify symptoms. That’s the very surface.
However, many people came here to follow FTD because of very severe symptoms _and_ the fact that nobody and nothing else had helped them so far. And many found relief, about half of them even within weeks. So, there are very good reasons for FTD.
Still, if you think this diet is “just not working” for you, please, do not follow it. Chances are it causes you more harm than it does you good. That’s not because the FTD approach is wrong. It’s because the whole thing just isn’t that simple.
According to meds, there are, AFAIK, several well established possible causes for LPR. You haven’t said what type of LPR you are struggling with. Moreover, different kinds of LPR may overlap. Different causes may apply. Other, seemingly unrelated issues may mess things up even more.
As an example, when I read “trigger food” my alarm bells go off. Some food might actually trigger reflux, i.e., you swallow it and within minutes you feel reflux, heartburn, cramps or similar. The underlying causes could be quite elsewhere, like food that you were eating the day before that caused certain bacteria to grow or produce gas, cloak up your intestines etc.. Friends of mine told me they immediately get bloating from drinking warm milk. To the best of what we know about our intestines, it is extremely unlikely that milk is causing immediate bloating. I had them drink warm water instead. Guess what happened?

Concluding, if you think FTD is not working for you, don’t follow it. Check back with doctors, let them know what food you tried and what didn’t work. You and your doctors know your body best.
If you are uncertain about FTD, consider Norm’s consultation, see

I am going to stick to the foods I know are safe for me:
Oatmeal, Bananas, Apples, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Rice, Baked potato, Popcorn.

Finally, a personal remark: I was suffering from meteorism for 15 years and LPR for almost 10 years. About 1 year ago I found some relief by sticking to safe food that matches your list almost perfectly except for popcorn. 3 months ago, I started to follow FTD. It took me about 2-3 weeks to get into it. At that stage, bloating was reduced, meteorism was gone, constipation was a new issue, and reflux was worse than before. It took about 2 months until reflux started to occur less frequently.

Note that FTD does not exclude any of the safe foods you listed. However, the amount of it is crucial. Personally, I exclude oatmeal, bananas, apples and corn altogether. It’s too easy to eat too much of these.