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Question for Dr. Robillard,

You wrote a reply to this question as follows:

Q: I assume the [FTD] diet also fixes candida and other pathogens like klebsiella and various bad bacteria?
A: The best balance of good over bad bacteria (and candida) is a nutrient-limited gut where most carbs are efficiently absorbed. That was the prevailing conditions as humans evolved.

THIS is a very intruiging comment for a gut-nerd like me 🙂
This makes total sense. Are you implying that this diet is also a way to control for candida? I mean, I get that the ph would improve on this diet, making it harder for candida to thrive, and perhaps there would be less food for the candida? But would you say that one could follow the FTD, have good results in terms of controlling for microbial overgrowth in the SI and still need to resolve candida as a seperate issue?

In this article the author states that often now, SIBO, is mistaken for candida, and the patient is inappropriately treated for candida, when the problem all along was SIBO. I am pretty sure I have/had both, but at a certain point, the symptoms overlap and so I think it makes it harder for a holistic doctor to know which to treat for. I suppose some just treat for both.


Thanks for your thoughts!