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Jaeme THANKS!!

Wow, wow, wow I am so thrilled to hear how well your skin did!!! This has been a mystery for me and a puzzle for my holistic doctor!!

When I think about it I am really only on day 2 because I was using that rice cereal for several days. So far my bloating has reduced!!! Still have a lot of burping and gurgling after I eat. I realized I have been WAY overdoing it on the magnesium (scared of not having a BM LOL) and so was taking 800-1000 mg per night which may explain some of the gas and gurgle. That is way too much mag. HOping tomorrow to be less gurgly and gassy, and hoping the burping calms down soon. I guess I will follow the two week plan, and then if necessary take out dairy (hope I don’t have to tho!)

THanks so much, I will keep you posted!!