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Hi croline – I had terrible LPR until I found the FTD diet. I am glad to say I am virtually LPR free. I found my LPR trigger to be grains/starches/potatoes. So I alternate for breakfast either a smoothie made with plain full-fat Greek yogurt and blueberries or mango, or eggs with veggies & cheese. I used to eat organic steel-cut oats that had been sprouted overnight in whey almost every day. Thought I was being ultra-healthy, but now I know it was a contributor to my SIBO and LPR.

I think the hardest part is realizing that treating your LPR may take a lifestyle change of eating a new way. Breakfast is hard, as we have been conditioned for so long to eat cereals, toast, pancakes, etc. But once you see eliminating those things as a pathway to staying LPR-free, life gets empowering. Also, hang in there – as your gut microbes fight to re-balance and re-adjust, you will get flare-ups. Hopefully if you get to a baseline after the two week plan, you can start adding things back in and figuring out what your triggers are. Everyone’s gut flora and issues are unique, but I think Norm’s approach is a great tool for finding out.

On a good note, on top of eliminating my LPR, saying goodbye to the grains/starches/potatoes etc. has given me steady energy all day long, has cleared up my rosacea, rid me of IC symptoms, and is keeping me at my ideal weight without counting calories or going to the gym. The trade-off is so worth it to me 🙂